Total TypeScript Learning Path


Learn the TypeScript skills you need to ship any application or library.


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Internet Access
  • Access to the Core Volume of Total TypeScript

Total Time Required

22—65 hours (varies)


Total TypeScript


  • Type Transformations
  • TypeScript Generics
  • Advanced TypeScript Patterns
  • TypeScript Expert Interviews
  • Advanced React with TypeScript
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The tutorials and workshops were designed and tested as half-day workshops before being produced as a full-length self-paced course. The course is designed to be completed in 13 weeks, but you can go at your own pace. We estimate that it will take about 2-4 hours per week to complete the course content.


Learning as a team, club, or party is highly recommended. We've seen great results with teams of 2-4 people. We suggest that learning teams watch and work through the course before meeting once a week to discuss what they've learned in the shared context of the team. We've found that this approach is more effective than watching the course together as a group!

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Beginner's TypeScript

18 exercises
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  • Week 1

    Exercises 1—9

    • Basic types
    • Basic annotations
    • Arrays
  • Week 2

    Exercises 10—18

    • Union types intro
    • Typing functions
    • Typing async functions
    • Creating types from other types

Type Transformations

7 sections, 55 exercises
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  • Week 3

    Type Transformations
    Section 1—2

    • Intro to type helpers
    • keyof, typeof, Return Type
    • Unions, discriminated unions
    • Indexed access to types
  • Week 4

    Type Transformations
    Section 3—4

    • Template literals
    • Build your own type helpers
    • Intro to 'generics' in types
  • Week 5

    Type Transformations
    Section 5—6

    • Conditional types
    • infer keyword
    • Mapped types
    • Transforming unions using mapped types

TypeScript Generics

6 sections, 49 exercises
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  • Week 6

    TypeScript Generics
    Section 1—2

    • Intro to generics in functions & classes
    • Manually passing type arguments to functions
  • Week 7

    TypeScript Generics
    Section 3—4

    • Understanding type arguments
    • Spotting missing/useless generics
  • Week 8

    TypeScript Generics
    Section 5—6

    • Function overloads
    • Generics challenges

Advanced TypeScript Patterns

7 sections, 45 exercises
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10 exercises
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21 exercises
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Advanced React with TypeScript

55 exercises
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