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Beginner's TypeScript

Beginner's TypeScript

Get hands-on interactive practice with this free TypeScript tutorial and learn the foundational knowledge and skills you need to become a TypeScript Wizard.

In this TypeScript tutorial you will:

  • Learn to type variables, functions, and errors
  • Become familiar with the TypeScript documentation
  • Gain experience with modern TypeScript tooling

Start now, and see why TypeScript’s an essential tool for modern web developers!

The Beginner’s course is fantastic. Very well explained, and easy to navigate through. I went through it in preparation for the extra paid workshops, just to ensure I had a solid foundation and even then I learned some new things. Thanks Matt!
David Stinemetze
David Stinemetze


This Beginner’s TypeScript tutorial is split into several exercises. Each features a problem that encourages you to take an active, exploratory learning approach to finding a solution.

To attempt a solution, you’ll need to:

  1. Watch and read the problem introduction.
  2. Check out the TypeScript docs.
  3. Search for relevant keywords.
  4. Give it a go to see if it solves the problem (there may be more than one solution!)

Whether you succeed or get stuck, watch & read the solution and check out the included code.


You’ll need a working understanding of JavaScript.

Running the Exercises Locally

Clone the Beginner’s TypeScript Tutorial repo, and use npm or yarn to install dependencies.

If you follow this link to use gitpod, you can work in a full VS Code coding environment running in your browser.

Follow the instructions in the README for more.


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