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Matt PocockMatt Pocock

The feature’s working.

The tests are passing.

But your IDE is a sea of red lines.

TypeScript’s not happy again.

You move on to the next error:

“What on earth is this?”

you think to yourself.

Element implicitly has an ‘any’ type because expression of type ‘string’ can’t be used to index type ‘{ string: string | undefined; }’

No index signature with a parameter of type ‘string’ was found on type ‘{ string: string | undefined; }’

It’s impossible to Google. Every search result is either "here’s 100 lines of complex code" or "here's a solution that doesn't work”

You contemplate the absurd amount of hours you spend solving these problems.

You'd rather give up than deal with another:

Your time is precious.You have bigger fish to fry.

You could spend that time building new features or bugfixes. You could be providing value. Instead, you're fighting TypeScript.

These days, TypeScript is an industry default. If you’re starting an enterprise app today, you’ll need a good reason NOT to use TypeScript.

So you keep on pushing - all the time feeling like you’re working against TypeScript, not with it.

The truth is that you never truly learned TypeScript, at least not in depth. That's the source of your pain.

You never developed a systematic approach to solving type errors.

You never developed a mental model for understanding when to use any.

You never understood the power of generics.


You never learned the underlying principles and patterns of being an effective TypeScript engineer.

An exercise-driven approach for learning TypeScript

Total TypeScript's approach is different than what you'll find in other online courses.

Instead of sitting through hours of lectures, you'll be presented with problematic code and a concise explanation of what needs to be done.

Then using your existing skills along helpful links to relevant docs and other resources, you'll have as much time as you need to complete the challenge either in your local editor or using the editor embedded into each lesson.

When you're ready, you can watch how a true TypeScript Wizard approaches solving the challenge.

The exercises build upon another, demonstrating the most important TypeScript concepts in a variety different contexts so you can build understanding of when, where, and how to best apply them in your own application and library code.

Make TypeScript work for you, not against you

What’s the thing that separates TypeScript wizards from the rest?


To them, TypeScript doesn’t feel like magic. It feels simple, predictable and malleable.

They can bend it to their will, and use its power for amazing DX.

Total TypeScript is all about building that understanding at a deep level.

When you’ve completed the exercises, you’ll reach a point of mastery where very little surprises you any more.

You’ll have less fear when approaching nasty TypeScript errors, more confidence when typing dynamic signatures, gain velocity by cutting lines of code, and so much more.

You deserve so much better

You deserve a practical, systematic approach to learning TypeScript in depth.

Total TypeScript shows you the techniques used by the most complex OSS libraries.

Become your company’s resident TypeScript Wizard.

  • You will become a better contributor and reviewer.
  • You will be the one to unblock others and raise their velocity.
  • You will be the one who knows instinctively what TypeScript is doing.

You are indispensable.

Who is Total TypeScript for?

Total TypeScript is suitable for any developer who is ready to work at becoming a wizard, though some basic familiarity with TypeScript is recommended.

The Type Transformations workshop begins by warming you up with exercises on basic inference and essential types.

Then nearly 150 exercises later, the Advanced TypeScript Patterns workshop will have you creating chainable method abstractions with generics and the builder pattern.

Check out the free Beginner's Tutorial to set a foundation and get an idea for the workshop's teaching approach.

Feedback for Total TypeScript

Total TypeScript by Matt Pocock is a masterpiece, 100% worth the money.

Tomasz ŁakomyTomasz Łakomy

Total TypeScript is hands down the best course out there, and the format is the best I've seen. It feels like you're doing a 1 on 1 with Matt Pocock.

Alex TanaAlex Tana

I’m really digging Total TypeScript by Matt Pocock. It’s taking all the random TypeScript knowledge I’ve found in docs and Stack Overflow over the years and showing how it all works under the hood. Highly recommended!

John D. JamesonJohn D. Jameson

You know those kung fu movies where the hero has a training montage beating the shit out of a tree so he can get good & murder his enemy?

That's what Matt Pocock's Total TypeScript is like. Except TS instead of Kung Fu. And Jira tickets instead of your enemy. Anyway it's great

Adam RackisAdam Rackis

The challenges were not too easy, and some of them took me a fair amount of time to find a working solution. This ultimately helped me to better understand TypeScript!

Andrew C.Andrew C.

Matt Pocock is saving my life with his Total TypeScript course. Can't tell you how many other videos I've watched that didn't click as much as his have. Looking forward to the more advanced courses.

Mr. Steal Your CodeMr. Steal Your Code

After finishing the Total Typescript course by Matt Pocock: I love the UI and how he encourages something a lot of developers are not taught...reading docs. They are a powerful tool and should be encouraged to be used more.

Christopher Almeida-SymonsChristopher Almeida-Symons

These videos and exercises really helped me to get to the next level in TS. I could improve types in some projects at work right on the next day.

Sebastian KasanzewSebastian Kasanzew

I’ve just completed the Type Transformations, Generics and Advanced Patterns workshops, and I can say TotalTypeScript is worth every penny. Matt’s mastery of the subject and ability to explain the more complex parts of TypeScript in an understandable way have fundamentally changed and expanded my understanding of the language. While I do think it will take a bit of time to fully process everything I’ve just learned, I definitely feel armed with the knowledge and resources I need to solve any TypeScript problem in front of me. Thank you, Matt for all of the work you put into this!

David StinemetzeDavid Stinemetze

The content itself was incredible. Videos are superb. Delivery, pacing, tone, everything- wow. I feel like I have superpowers. I’ve Already made one library available!

Jökull SólbergJökull Sólberg

I truly feel like a wizard and I can’t stop recommending it!

Rares GoleaRares Golea

Total TypeScript

Total TypeScript contains five professional-grade workshops for you to achieve TypeScript Wizardry:

  • TypeScript Pro Essentials (200+ exercises, 17 sections)

  • Type Transformations (50+ exercises, 7 sections)

  • TypeScript Generics (40+ exercises, 6 sections)

  • Advanced TypeScript Patterns (40+ exercises, 7 sections)

  • Advanced React with TypeScript (50+ exercises, 6 sections)

Each workshop contains dozens of exercises designed to put your problem solving skills to the test.

Hi, I’m Matt Pocock

Before creating Total TypeScript, I was a member of the XState core team and worked as a developer advocate at Vercel.

I've worked with TypeScript as a lead fullstack dev, a library maintainer, and now as a full-time educator.

I built Total TypeScript to make the secrets of open-source maintainers and industry experts available to everyone.

Workshops Include

Type Transformations

Type Transformations

Wield the power of transformation to move from one type to another with ease

Many problems in TypeScript come down to transforming types into other types.

This workshop is your first step on the path to wizardry with topics including unions, template literals, conditional types and mapped types. You'll also see how to take advantage of inference and type helpers to ensure you retain flexibility while ensuring your types are exactly how you expect them to be.

TypeScript Generics

TypeScript Generics

Unlock amazing inference in the functions you create and the abstractions you build

Generics are one of TypeScript's most complex and intimidating features.

Getting good at generics requires deep knowledge of the TypeScript Compiler, as well as an understanding of how their placement impacts their usefulness.

You'll practice with using generics in a variety of situations, as well as how to use function overloads when generics aren't the best fit.

Advanced TypeScript Patterns

Advanced TypeScript Patterns

Become fluent in TypeScript's undocumented patterns

The TypeScript community has discovered and iterated upon several patterns that build on the type transformation and generics techniques explored in the earlier workshops.

Here you'll grow more powerful through practice with branded types and the builder pattern, among others. You will also discover the best practices for strongly typing the global scope and how to understand the flow of generics through external libraries.

Advanced React with TypeScript

Advanced React with TypeScript

Expert-level knowledge for typing your React apps with TypeScript

Using TypeScript with React can be tricky, requiring flexible, type-safe, and structured components.

This workshop empowers developers to combine React and TypeScript effectively. It covers advanced props handling, leveraging TypeScript generics for components and hooks, safer React hooks using types, understanding the TypeScript type system, recognizing industry-standard patterns, and safely integrating external libraries into React components.

TypeScript Pro Essentials

TypeScript Pro Essentials

Everything you need from setup to application development patterns

Whether you're new to the language or looking to reenforce your foundation, this workshop covers all of the essential TypeScript knowledge and skills you need.

From setting up your dev environment through best practices for designing types, this workshop bridges the gap between TypeScript theory and practice with type manipulation techniques, OOP with classes, annotations, assertions, and more!

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TypeScript Pro Essentials

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  • TypeScript Pro Essentials

    Learn TypeScript by setting up a pro environment, using advanced IDE features, and mastering type annotations, unions, object types, inference, and generics.

  • Advanced-Beginner - Expert+

  • 1 Self-Paced Workshops

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Discord Community

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  • Streaming HD Video

  • English Transcripts & Subtitles

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Complete Volume

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Money Back Guarantee
  • BonusTypeScript Expert Interviews

  • TypeScript Pro Essentials

    Learn TypeScript by setting up a pro environment, using advanced IDE features, and mastering type annotations, unions, object types, inference, and generics.

  • Type Transformations

    Learn to manipulate types for cleaner, maintainable code with over 50 hands-on exercises, from string manipulation to advanced unions and mapped types.

  • TypeScript Generics

    Master TypeScript's generics with exercises from basics to advanced, including conditional types and currying.

  • Advanced TypeScript Patterns

    Intermediate to advanced workshop: Boost app logic, type global scopes, and debug with external libraries.

  • Advanced React with TypeScript

    Expert-level knowledge for typing your React apps with TypeScript.

  • Advanced-Beginner - Expert+

  • 5 Self-Paced Workshops

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Best Value ⭐️

  • Discord Community

  • Progress Tracking

  • Streaming HD Video

  • English Transcripts & Subtitles

  • Completion Certificate

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