Configuring TypeScript 16 exercises

Configure JSX Support in TypeScript

We have a simple React component MyComponent in the file index.tsx:

// index.tsx
const MyComponent = () => {
return <div />; // red squiggly line under <div />

The MyComponent constant holds a function that returns a JSX element, which is a way to write HTML within JavaScript

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00:00 Here we are inside an imaginary React application. We're inside a .tsx file, which is the file extension you need to use when you're creating JSX or using JSX in a file. We have my components here and we have a div. But it says here, cannot use JSX unless

00:17 the JSX flag is provided. Interesting. Your job is to work out how to change the tsconfig.json file that we have here in order to specify that we're using JSX and which JSX option we actually need to choose. Good luck.