Type Transformations Workshop (9 exercises)

Get All of an Object’s Values

We have an enum mapping similar to the last exercise called frontendToBackendEnumMap:


Your job is to get ALL of the values from frontendToBackendEnumMap using what you've been taught so far.

Revisit the previous exercises if you get stuck!


[0:00] For this next exercise, we've got a similar kind of EnumMap, but now we want to actually grab all of the values from that object.
[0:09] We don't just want singleModule, and we don't just want multiModule. We don't even want just a union of two of them. We want a union of all three of them.

[0:17] That's your challenge is to try to take the pieces that we've got so far to actually get all of the object values from this frontendToBackendEnumMap.