Mapped Types 9 exercises

Mapped Types with Objects

In this exercise we'll be using the mapped type again, but this time working with an object instead of a union type.

We’ll starting with an Attributes interface and an empty type helper AttributeGetters:

interface Attributes {
firstName: string
lastName: string
age: number

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0:00 We're going to continue building on this map type. Instead of looking at a union now, we're going to look at an object.

0:07 This object here, we've got this interface Attributes here. What we really want to do is transform this Attributes into a set of getters, which are functions which will return the value here. The age function should return number. The lastName should return string. The firstName should return string.

0:26 You'll need to use a map type for this and also maybe something that we've seen a little bit earlier, too.

0:33 This is a really interesting problem. Good luck.