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Announcing: A Free Book, A New Course, A Huge Price Cut...

Matt Pocock
Matt PocockMatt is a well-regarded TypeScript expert known for his ability to demystify complex TypeScript concepts.

Today is the biggest ship day of my life. After 11 months of work, I'm launching:

  • Total TypeScript Essentials: a 16-chapter TypeScript book, for FREE.
  • Pro Essentials: a new, 200-exercise course for $200.
  • A giveaway worth ~$80,000 to existing customers.
  • A huge price cut on Total TypeScript.
  • A 20% sale until Friday.

Here's the full story:

The Book - Total TypeScript: Essentials

My book, Total TypeScript: Essentials, is finally ready.

It's been 11 months of work. 16 chapters. Hundreds of pages. And it's free.

It covers everything you need to get a job with TypeScript, from setting up your IDE to understanding generics.

And it's 100% freely available on Total TypeScript. Forever.

We'll also be releasing this as a printed book! You can pre-order a copy on No Starch's site.

The Course - Pro Essentials

We're also releasing a new course, Pro Essentials.

It's the ultimate TypeScript masterclass - the no-brainer training programme to help your team build TypeScript apps.

It contains over 200 exercises and requires no TypeScript experience.

And, until Friday, it's $200.

Pro Essentials is different from everything else I've shipped.

Before, I focused on advanced content to turn you into a TS wizard. The content in the Core Volume is perfect for this.

But with Essentials (the book) and Pro Essentials (the course), I want Total TypeScript to be the default choice for teams.

Got a team transitioning to TS? Get them Pro Essentials, at $200 a pop (cheaper in bulk) and you'll have some happy engineers working at max capacity.

Price Cut and Giveaway

We've slashed the price of Total TypeScript. You can now pick up the entire of TT, including Pro Essentials, for $500.

And until Friday, it's 20% off: $400.

This is a HUGE drop from where it was before.

What about the folks that already paid the higher price for the existing workshops?

Existing TT customers will get Pro Essentials for free. Over all our customers, that's around $80,000 of giveaway.

I'm so excited to finally share this with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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