Type Transformations Workshop (6 exercises)

Transform String Literals To Uppercase

Similar to the last exercise, we will be working with template literals to create an object.

We'll start with Event, which is a a set of string unions, as well as an unknown ObjectOfKeys.


Your challenge is to update ObjectOfKeys to be an object where the keys are the members of Event in uppercase form as seen here:

This solution will be similar to the last exercise where we map through the union, but this time you'll need to transform the keys to uppercase.


[0:00] [0: 00] In this exercise, we have another set of string unions, where we have log_in, log_out, sign_up. We want to create an object based on, very similar to the previous exercise, actually. They're all going to be strings, the values.
[0:14] [0: 14] We want to turn these keys into their uppercase counterpart. log_in is going to be LOG_IN with uppercase. You have to find a way, pretty similarly to the previous exercise, of mapping through these and creating objects out of them, but also transforming the key and turning it into its uppercase counterpart.