TypeScript in The Build Process 9 exercises

Comparing Vite with tsc

You might have noticed that we are now using Vite to transpile TypeScript files into JavaScript files instead of tsc.

In fact, running tsc --watch doesn't seem to do anything at all.


Your challenge is to determine why Vite isn't emitting any JavaScript files.

Investigate the `t

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00:00 Inside our VEET application, you've probably noticed something interesting, which is that we basically are now using VEET to turn TypeScript files into JavaScript files, not the TypeScript CLI. We'll notice too that if we go into this directory and we run TSC, and even TSC watch here,

00:19 that actually it's going to first of all complete without anything happening here, which is interesting. If we run TSC watch, then we can just run it in watch mode, found zero errors, and you'll notice that nothing actually happens inside the folder. There's no JavaScript files being created. There's no dist folder being created.

00:38 So your job here is to work out why this is happening and to go first of all into the tsconfig.json. This was generated for us by VEET, and your job is to work out which of these config options could possibly be causing TypeScript to not emit any JavaScript

00:57 and why on earth we would actually want to do that. Good luck.